News Letter - 2021



There is a huge burden of Type 1 diabetes in children as young as one-year-olds in and around Coimbatore districts. Such children need insulin injections for life-long four times a day with finger-prick glucose monitoring 3-4 times per day. Small errors in insulin storage (lack of fridge at home) or omission of insulins for one day can put children lives at risk with diabetic coma. Our dream is to ensure that no single poor child with Type diabetes should suffer or die for want of best treatment with insulins or modern technologies like insulin pumps. There are 36 children from underprivileged categories, aged 2-12 years at CMCH (Coimbatore Medical College Hospital) with difficult to control Type 1 diabetes, with a significant number of such children needing recurrent hospital admissions. Our aim is to support all 36 children to ensure a normal healthy life through a joint initiative from Idhayangal Charitable Trust and Paediatric Department of CMCH.

Aim of Project Kovai Thulir

To support 36 children with insulin needing Type 1 diabetes from underprivileged strata at CMCH for a pilot period of one year, which ensures reduction in hospitalisations and complications along with improvements in quality of life.


36 children have been identified from the database of CMCH Paediatric department who are in dire need of help.

We are supporting with the following:

  • 36 free glucometers to check blood glucose levels
  • Glucose monitoring strips for one year (25 strips per child/ month)
  • 10 fridges for insulin storage for 10 most deserving children
  • 5 children with major recurrent hospital admissions supplied with high quality insulin analogues medicines in pen fill cartridges
  • Insulin needles (4mm) for those 5 children on insulin pens (15 needles/ month/ child)


Insulin analogues

Rs 3000 per month per child, Rs 15,000 per month for 5 children and Rs 1,80,000 for one year for 5 children


BD Ultra fine needles (4 mm)

Rs 14 per needle, 15 needles per month for one child, Rs 210 per month for a child, Rs 12,600 for 5 children for one year



Rs 1300 per glucometer (best in class with 800 memories, would be helpful to cross check during follow up visits), 36 glucometers costs Rs 46,800


Glucose measuring strips

Rs 14 per strip, one child needs 25 strips per month, for 36 children for 12 months, cost is Rs 1,51,200


Rs 9000 per child inclusive of delivery charges, Rs 90,000 for 10 families

TOTAL COST: Rs 4,80,600

If interested kindly contact
Dr Krishnan Swaminathan
Ph: 9042858882 or 8526421150
Bank details
Indian Bank, KMCH Goldwins Branch, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore 641 014
Account number: 6517087788 IFSC Code: IDIB000K169


On behalf of Idhayangal Charitable Trust
Dr Krishnan Swaminathan
Ph: 8526421150 or 9042858882

January- February 2021 Newsletter

Warm Regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust. We have been able to tide the crisis of 2020 with the sheer generosity and kindness of all our donors. We have made a great start to 2021 with some heart-warming projects that are consistent with the core vision of Idhayangal: No single child with Type 1 diabetes from deserving underprivileged families should suffer for want of a helping hand to lead a normal healthy life.

In this edition of Jan-Feb 2021 newsletter, we have the following:

  • The heart-warming story of Ramya: Idhayangal’s dream
  • Project Kovai Thulir
  • Project Vanavil updates

Ramya’s story: Idhayangal’s dream

Ramya comes from a very poor family near Madukkarai on the outskirts of Coimbatore. She has Type 1 diabetes for the past 4 years and has had major life-threatening admissions with diabetic coma at Coimbatore GH, the last one on 5th Feb 2021 which nearly ended her life. Both parents are labourers, a small thatched roof house, no electricity, no fridges, no glucometers, insulins in vials & syringes and poor insight into diabetes. What more can stack up against this poor child. However, this girl had a few strengths, a steely resolve and character, an inherent smartness, a superb grandmother who adored her grand-daughter and Idhayangal Team’s input. Once we came to know of this girl, we wanted to do everything to level the playing field. A village visit, a small fridge to store insulins at a nearby shop (we believe the potency of insulin was a factor for the recurrent admissions due to storage issues), best insulins in penfill cartridges, diabetes education for her and the entire village, a brand-new best glucometer, unrestricted glucose testing strips and positivity has completely transformed this child within 2 weeks. Her glucoses which were > 500 mgs/dl is settling down to < 200 mgs/dl, gained weight and feeling much happier. Early days yet we are quietly confident that Ramya should do well and lead a happy healthy life. Thanks to all the donors and well-wishers for making this start possible to realise our core dream that we are not going to allow a single poor child suffer for want of best treatment that would change their lives positively.

Ramya with her grandmother in front of their house, A happy family with a fridge to store insulins

Entire village children getting educated to help Ramya, the comradeship needs to be seen to be believed. Ramya being trained with pen fill cartridges


Idhayangal Charitable Trust has been lucky to have been given the opportunity to help about 36 children with Type 1 diabetes from underprivileged families. Nearly all children have poor glucose control with all the paraphernalia that goes with such families, rank poverty, huge stress of multiple daily injections, no fridges, no glucometers, recurrent major hospital admissions with glucoses> 500 mgs/dl and a stoic acceptance of fate that their child will die at some point of time and there is nothing that can be done about this. ICT wanted to change this completely to all these deserving children. For some unexplained reasons, we find such underprivileged children very smart, bright, quickly understand the nature of Type 1 diabetes once time is spent on education, very well versed with technology and a desire to get better. It was a humbling moment to see all the children together as well as individually to identify core issues that needed to be corrected. We wish to thank the Paediatric department of Coimbatore GH, Dean of CMCH and all the post-graduates who gave us the opportunity to be of help. Within a day, all the households received fridges, all children received the best insulins in pen fill cartridges, glucometers, glucose strips and diabetes education. All children are doing well with reduction in glucoses at baseline of nearly 400 mgs/dl to around 200 mgs/dl within 3 weeks. If consistent, this would translate into major reductions in hospital admissions, kidney failure, blindness and death.

Photograph with all deserving children, Paediatric Team at Coimbatore GH, Roots India Chairman Shri Ramasamy, a major donor and well-wisher for this project. Photo below shows child receiving insulin pens, Dr Indira representing Wintac Limited and Dr Veerappan Subramaniam from USA, another major donor for this project.

Group education for all the children and their families to help understand T1 diabetes better, rapt attention by all children and families.

We wish to thank all the stake holders, especially Roots India Chairman Shri Ramasamy and their team, Dr Veerappan Subramaniam (USA), Dr Dhurairaj (USA), Wintac Team, Dr Indira, Drs Thiyagarajamoorthy, Prabhu Niranjan, Shri Prasad Veluchamy (USA), Shri Ramesh, Shri Shanmughasundaram and many more who have been so selfless in funding this project.


With the number of children with Type 1 diabetes coming to ICT acutely increasing, we would be extremely grateful for you to spread the message about adopting one child for Rs 3000 per month or 36 K per annum, that would change the lives of these deserving children forever. We are humbled by many donors who have already adopted a child, this helps us to move on the next hundreds of children on the waitlist needing support. Please contact Dr Krishnan Swaminathan on 9042858882 or 8526421150 or email if interested, A family occasion, child’s birthday, an anniversary may be great occasions to help an underprivileged child with Type 1 diabetes. Many thanks for all your support.

As always, we are humbled by all your selfless support. To help around 230 children month on month with the best treatment that such children cannot even dream of is made possible only through all your generosity and goodwill. We thank the Almighty and all of you for making us dream bigger to transform lives of such children forever. Will get back with the March / April newsletter in a couple of months.<\p>