About Us

Who We Are

Idhanyangal charitable trust was initially founded by a group of Indian doctors working in the UK in 2004. The aim of this organization was to give a helping hand to poor people, especially children in need of medical aid, in India. The four founding trustees were Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan, Dr.Suresh Mathavakannan, Dr.Sabapathy Prakash and Dr. Nambi, all of whom were working as Consultants in the UK.

The trust was started with Rupees 800 and by 2011, Idhayangal had done projects worth Rs 80 lacs in India. Since the managing trustee, Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan had moved to India, Idhayangal UK was dissolved in 2011. Seven years worth of projects has inspired the Idhayangal team to continue our work in India. We take great pride in ensuring that every single rupee goes to our projects.

Dr.Sujeetha Damodaran and Mr.Guru Moorthi have joined our team here to give a fresh impetus to our goals. Idhayangal (India) is a registered Indian Charity. Our aim is to make a positive difference to our society, encompassing a wide range of issues including healthcare, education and quality of life to the underprivileged. Together, lets make a difference and in the words of Mahatma, let's be the change that we wish to see in this world