BMJ South Asia awards 2018

Warm Regards from Idhayangal Charitable Trust

Advance Diwali wishes to all you and family.

As of now, we are supporting 60 patients, predominantly children with Type 1 diabetes, all because of your goodwill.

We are delighted to share with you that we have been shortlisted for the BMJ South Asia awards 2018 as one of the best non-communicable disease initiatives of the year, we are hopeful to get to the final round from around 2000 applicants through out 7countries in South Asia, we have made it to round 2 of 36 entries from around 2000 ! Will update if we are lucky to go to the final round in Chennai on 1st December.

On behalf of all our children from the Trust, we extend our happy diwali wishes.

Warm Regards

Swami on behalf of all trustees

"A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousand heads in prayer"