Idhayangal Charitable Trust First Anniversary Event


Stage set for the first Anniversary of Idhayangal Charitable Trust and A full hall for the anniversary day

Idhayangal Charitable Trust celebrated its first Indian Anniversary on 29th April 2018, held at the Sitra auditorium, Coimbatore. Idhayangal is our big dream based on what Dr Abdul Kalam famously quoted; “Dreams are not what you see in sleep, they are the things that do not let you sleep”. Our dream is to ensure that no poor child or their families with type 1 diabetes suffer for want of money or moral support. Idhayangal was born out of this dream after seeing a lot of poor children suffer from insulin requiring Type 1 diabetes. What was inaugurated as a small trust in a 50-seater hall in 2017 had its first birthday anniversary on 29th April 2018 in a 500-seater hall in front of family, friends, relatives, donors, beneficiaries and God. As proud parents on the eve of their child’s first birthday, here is a small update, we thank you for your patience in reading this article.