Godliness in Hosur

We go in search of Gods to various temples around the world, for us it was a humbling and inspiring experience to see God & Godliness at Hosur. It all started with call from our friend and well wisher Dr CS Mani and his wife Dr Kamini that his father-in-law Shri Ramamoorthy, a 95 year old pensioner at Hosur was keen to contribute towards Idhayangal’s causes. We made a day trip to Hosur to meet Shri Ramamoorthy, more to get his blessings and what a day it was! Shri Ramamoorthy hails from a small village near Kumbakonam and due to his sheer hard work he had made it to the top in Electronics. After the initial introduction, he enthusiastically enquired about our work, watched Idhayangal’s videos and without a bit of hesitation wrote a cheque for Rs 2 lacs. Tears were rolling down our eyes to see an elderly pensioner innocently parting with 2 lacs of his hard earned money that he could have given to his extended family. All his request was to ensure that this contribution helps poor children with type 1 diabetes irrespective of caste, creed or religion ! What more Godliness can one see or why do we even go to temples to see God? Adding further, he had a small tear in his eye when he said that he watched his father die in the pre-1950s without medical help and poor finances and his dream is to ensure that no one, especially children suffer this fate. It was as though God wanted to teach us a lesson by driving to Hosur to keep telling us to do better by seeing gems like Shri Ramamoorthy & his wife. After a great coffee by Dr Kamini, we prostrated before Shri & Tmt Ramamoorthy and took leave of this unbelievable couple. We sincerely wish God gives great health, wealth and peace to this lovely couple. We hope we can celebrate his 100th birthday with Idhayangal’s children. Below is the photograph of these great people.