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Warm Regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust (ICT). Year 2020 has been unforgettable for all of us due to various reasons. While COVID-19 has been dominating the year, we choose to remember 2020 for a variety of positive reasons from the perspective of ICT. In spite of all the difficulties, we have supported all our children only due to the absolute generosity and faith of all our donors, expanded our work to Kerala and Karnataka, reduced hospital admissions to a great degree, reached a “Century milestone” with insulin pump therapy for underprivileged, got connected with great philanthropists and organisations like Single Teacher Schools, CUB, Repco Home Finance, Augustan Knitwear, Water Tec, Right to live, Fueladream, Rotaries, Lions, Nallaram Trust, Gowtham Memorial Trust and much more. Here are our reminiscences from the year 2020.


This century has been the best century for India in the year 2020. We have crossed the landmark of 100 insulin pumps for the deserving underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes and will rank as the single most rewarding work of ICT this year. Insulin pumps are life changing gadgets that means no injections, excellent glucose control, significant reductions in hospitalisations and quality of life. With a price tag exceeding one lac and consumables costing Rs 9000 per month, this is beyond the wildest dreams of underprivileged children in India. We are able to run this programme only due to the sheer generosity of all our contributors. Since this programme, we have shown a great reduction in glucose levels, a 90% reduction in hospital admissions due to diabetic emergencies or low glucoses, an excellent improvement in quality of life hopefully reduction in kidney failure and dialysis in the long term. We have focussed especially on children with very brittle diabetes, girls getting married and planning pregnancy and those with advanced kidney failure awaiting transplants. We are so happy to have attended at least 6 marriages of girls with Type 1 diabetes across the state and showing a track record of 100 % successful outcomes in pregnancy courtesy of the insulin pump programme. We are thankful to all our corporate donors and Medtronic India to have given us all the support to enable this programme. Below are some of the images that speak thousand words.

Photo of the year: Jothi living in an orphanage, now residing with her cousin in what is supposed to be called a house in the background, depths of poverty with glucoses of 600 mgs/dl doing extremely well on insulin pump therapy, she has finished her college and now in gainful employment as an apprentice. She has been selected as the Ambassador for ICT. If she can, anyone can! Heart-warming for all ICT Team to see this kid showing such grit in the face of severe adversity.

On the left: Nivitha from Dalmiyapuram with glucoses 600 mgs/dl doing extremely well on the insulin pump, heart-warming photo with our team. On the right: Renuga and her mother from Atthur, very poor family, dad sells fruits at Athur bus stand, showing what she can do with a helping hand and an insulin pump.


Courtesy of great philanthropist individuals and organisations, we have extended our Star Health Insurance to 75 underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes. This is a unique programme done through Idhayangal Charitable Trust that offers peace of mind to families of underprivileged children by offering a Rs 2 lac health insurance cover for any diabetes or even non-diabetes related admissions. Many children’s lives have been saved through this flagship programme. We sincerely thank Augustan Knitwear, Star Health Team and all our contributors in enabling this programme.


This issue is close to our heart and we take great pride in ensuring that girls with Type 1 diabetes especially from the lower socio-economic strata get a good education of their choice and placements that would make a huge change in the quality of their lives.

Jeevitha (left) with Type 1 diabetes for the past 6 years has now completed her B Com with support from Idhayangal Charitable Trust contributors generosity and has been employed as a Junior Accounts Manager at Idhayangal, a proud moment for all of us. Anu Bharathi, (right)Type 1 diabetes for 5 years, supported by Idhayangal for her Teacher Training course, receiving the second-year tuition fees, we dream of a day when she becomes a teacher and a role model for other children from ICT. Hemalatha (below) supported for her BSc Microbiology course by ICT and receiving her college fees


2020 has been a year for ICT to expand our work to other parts of Tamilnadu State, Kerala and Karnataka. Our dream is to be the best pan-Indian Charity for Type 1 diabetes. Currently, children from Dindigul, Bathlagundu, Madurai, Theni, Mayavarum, Kumbakonam, Vandavasi, Tiruvannamalai, Pondy, Chennai, Palakkad, Trivandrum and Bengaluru are benefitted by our support. We are extremely grateful to our medical colleagues in these areas for joining hands for the betterment of our children.

Idhayangal outreach programme: Three insulin pumps as well as a Rs 1.5 lac support for underprivileged children under the care of Dr Santhosh Olety based in Bengaluru. Their team is doing excellent work for deserving children through the Karnataka Institute of Diabetes Benevolent fund (K.I.D)


Shri RP Krishnamachari/ Texbiosciences/ Single Teacher Schools 2020

Our sincere thanks to Shri RP Krishnamachari from Single Teacher Schools and Texbiosciences. If one needs to see Godliness in humans, Shri Krishnamachari is the walking example. While his service to society is beyond words and comprehension, we are extremely grateful to the Almighty and Ln Srinivasa Giri to have introduced him to us. The immense contribution of Rs 20 lacs from Shri Krishnamachari has single handedly saved many children’s lives this year. Thanks is a word that pales in front of his immense generosity and kindness.

Dr Sujeetha & Dr Krishnan Swaminathan (left) with the first donation of Rs 10 lacs from Shri RP Krishnamachari, our children Jennifer, Janani and Abinaya (right), few beneficiaries of this immense support holding the next lot of Rs 10 lacs. More beneficiaries from Texbiosciences/STS project along with co-trustee Shri Jayaprakasam (below).

Kumbakonam City Union Bank Support 2020

We are immensely grateful to the entire team of CUB for their immense support by donating Rs 10 lacs during an extremely difficult time for the banking industry. This support has transformed lives of deserving children with Type 1 diabetes. Our sincere thanks to Shri Kamakodi, Shri Ramesh, Shri Balasubramaniam, Shri Kumar Jayaraman and the entire CUB team.


Life changing donation from Team CUB


Deserving beneficiaries from CUB Support



We are extremely grateful to Nallaram Trust led by Shri SP Anbarasan. Without much fuss, Shri Anbarasan donated Rs 10 lacs towards our children for insulin pumps and consumables. Beneficiaries were very deserving children from Coimbatore, Salem and Kallakurichi.

A small get together with Shri SP Anbarasan from Nallaram Trust and beneficiaries



Our immense thanks on behalf of all our children to Repco Home finance for donating Rs 12.5 lacs towards our deserving children. Our sincere thanks to Chairman TS Krishnamurthy, MD Shri Yashpal Gupta, CSR Head Mrs Anita, CS Shri Prabhu, Mrs Meenakshi and the entire team from Repco Home finance. About 20 children will benefit this project due to be rolled out in Jan 2021.

Selvi Sweta comes from a very poor family in Athur, very bright girl, completely malnourished with glucoses 600 mgs/dl, now doing extremely well, one of the beneficiaries of Repco Home’s support, Selvi Krishnadeepa from Ottanchatram, one of the beneficiaries as well, from a very poor farming family.


Our sincere thanks to Rotary Galaaxy, Coimbatore for continued support to our children through the Flagship Project Mathuram, photo below of Rs 4 lacs support this year. We are greatly indebted to Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central for their support with international partners and Rotary International for Project Kathir, supporting close to 40 deserving children with Type 1 diabetes to the tune of 95,000 USD. Our sincere thanks to Rotary Club of Metropolis, especially to Shri Rtn VSS for their Rs 5 lac grant for essential insulin supplies. We also wish to thank all Rotaries across the country for supporting our cause, Rotary Texcity, Rotary Club of Nammakal Educational City, Rotary Club of Sakthi Mahalingapuram, Rotary Club of Vandavasi, Kumbakonam and Rotaries in Bangalore to name a few. Rotary support is a life-line for many of our projects and on behalf of all our children, we wish to thanks all our Rotary partners in doing their part to make our children’s lives better.

Rotary Coimbatore Gaalaxy support with a fund of Rs 4 lacs (photo above). Ongoing Project Kathir, a Ray of Hope project (photo below) to support 40 deserving children with Type 1 diabetes for 3 years through a 95 K USD grant in association with KMCH, Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central, ICT, International rotary partners and Rotary International.


We have been blessed to get the support of Lions Clubs in Coimbatore, Erode and other parts of the state. Our sincere thanks to Ln Srinivasa Giri from Kovaipudur for his contributions and connections to help our children. Our thanks as well to Lions Club of Erode Midtown and all the Lions Clubs in Coimbatore and Karur for their immense support. One of our patients Saktheeswaran with advanced kidney failure on dialysis is able to survive only due to Lions generosity. His mother is now a donor and the renal transplant is expected any time soon. Lions Club of Coimbatore Hill City (Kovaipudur) and Erode Midtown have supported this boys’ insulins and insulin pumps to tide over the dialysis time. Our sincere thanks to Ln Srinivasa Giri and Ln Venkataraman on behalf of this family. Saktheeswaran lost his father, his mother works as a labourer and he is the breadwinner of the family. This renal transplant will hopefully get back his life.

Saktheeswaran, (left) a boy with advanced renal failure on dialysis is able is able to survive only due to the absolute generosity of Lions Clubs (Kovaipudur and Erode Midtown). He is on the brink of renal transplant and this would-be life changing. On the right is Selvi Ramya from a very poor farming family near Palani, one of the beneficiary of Lions support.

Right to Live Projects 2020

We are immensely grateful to have known the Right to live Team based at Bangalore for the year 2020. Sincere thanks to Shri Raghuram Kote, Shri Sridhar, Veeresh & Sambhavi for all their efforts in raising valuable funds through their crowd funding platform Right to live. RTL has raised close to 8 lacs during 2020 for helping our children. One part of this fund has been life saving for Saktheeswaran in helping with the actual renal transplant surgery costs. ICT team had learnt a valuable lesson from RTL team, “help without prejudice or expectations”

Kaniga, aged 8 years, one of the beneficiaries of RTL funds. She had close to 15 admissions with diabetic emergency due to brittle diabetes and she is now leading a healthy life thanks to support by RTL

Fueladream 2020

Idhayangal joined hands with Fueladream, a crowd funding platform unique for working with more than 100 schools across India led by the visionary Ranga, as he is affectionately known. Ranga has dedicated his life towards working with school children in raising awareness on social responsibility at a young age. It has been a dream for us to get associated with Fueladream during 2020. Even in the midst of the raging pandemic, Fueladream partnered with CS academy based at Coimbatore to raise more than 3 lacs for Idhayangal through students from Class 9-12. We are immensely grateful to Dr Vikram & Dr Sitara from CS academy for giving us this opportunity. This fund has been life changing for a lot of deserving children with Type 1 diabetes.

Thanks to all Contributors and well-wishers 2020

We are proud and humbled to get continued support from philanthropists in and around Coimbatore including Water Tec, Deccan Industries, Lakshmi Ceramics, ITF, Shiva Texyarn, Best Engineering, DK Traders, RA Mills, Rajaratna Mills, Propel Industries, Sreesakthi Engineering, CRI pumps, Catalyst Groups, CAV Roadlines, MTK Textiles, SKT Matriculation School, Vesta Informatics, Tessolve, Roots India, Poppy’s knitwear, Olirum Erode Ultimate Alloys to name a few. However, we are extremely thankful for every single donor and well-wisher who have showered their time, love, affection and their hard-earned money for the welfare of all our children starting from those who have given funds from ten rupees to 20 lacs. Every single contribution, no matter the amount, from every one of our well-wishers especially during a year as tough as 2020, has been life saving for all our children supported by ICT and we are deeply indebted for all your support.

Future directions: Looking forward to 2021

Our goals for 2021

  • Foray into Tier 2 and 3 cities across our State to extend our support to hundreds more poor children with Type 1 diabetes.
  • Extend our support to other states across India
  • Increase health insurance coverage for all our children
  • Lobby State and Central Government health Ministry to do more for Type 1 diabetes across India
  • Create a corpus of Rs 5 crores to ensure stability and continuity of our work
  • To scale up Project Vanavil where adopting a child by one donor for Rs 3000/ month will help us move to the next deserving child on the waitlist.

Idhayangal Charitable Trust does not exist without your support and wishes. On behalf of all our children, we wish to thank you all profusely for the enormous support during the year 2020. We wish you, your family and friends a very happy, prosperous and safe 2021.



Warm Regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust. Hope you are keeping well during these difficult times. All our children from the trust are doing well thanks to all your support and generosity. Here are the updates for this month.

  • The heart-warming progress of Raghavarthini
  • “Can I have a selfie with you doctor?” The great story of Samar
  • Adopt a child with one insulin pump for 50 K only
  • Project Vanavil: Adopt a child for one year for 36 K only

The heart-warming progress of Raghavarthini

Raghavarthini (photo below) was brought to emergency a couple of years ago, only one and half years of age, declared dead at a different hospital with severe diabetic coma. Infact she was in peri-cardiac arrest and after a huge battle in our ICU, this child survived after fighting the toughest time of her life. Dad is a labourer near Salem and was unable to support insulin treatment as this child needs the best insulins to lead a healthy life. Since the first photo after the ICU admission (on the left), Idhayangal supported her insulins and consumables through all your generous support and it is so heart warming to see this child grow in front of our eyes. The photo on the right was taken last week in the clinic. Raghavarthini is such a playful innocent child and their dad conveys his deepest gratefulness for all our donors for their generous support.

Can I have a selfie with you doctor? The great story of Samar

Sometimes, people wonder why we (our Idhayangal Trust team) are doing this work day and night to support children like Samar from Mettur. Samar has Type 1 diabetes, comes from a low socioeconomic background and heavily supported by Idhayangal. This beautiful girl was recently admitted with severe vomiting and high glucoses. On the day of discharge, this little girl hesitantly asked me, “Doctor Uncle, can I ask you a favour?”. Happily asking her to blurt out the “big favour”, this girl smilingly asked, “Doctor, can I take a selfie with you so that I can see this photo at home whenever I feel like it”. If there was an answer as to why our team are working relentlessly 24/7, the answer was in Samar’s “big favour”. This photo below is so endearing, just to see the happy face of children like Samar makes this job worth it. Samar’s mother conveys her deepest gratitude to all Idhayangal donors for their generosity and consideration.

Selfie with Samar

Adopt a child with an Insulin pump for 50 K

Insulin pumps are life-changing gadgets that are even beyond the dreams of poor children with Type 1 diabetes. Idhayangal Charitable Trust runs India’s largest insulin pump programme for the rural underprivileged. The cost of insulin pumps are around 1.5-2 lacs and we are working closely with Medtronic India, the sole supplier of Insulin pumps in India currently to reduce costs. Through a unique scheme, we are able to support insulin pumps for the underprivileged children if a donor supports 50 K for one pump. This is a huge reduction in costs and we have shown that insulin pump therapy without prejudice in rural underprivileged children reduces hospital admissions, kidney failure and deaths. So, if there are any individuals or philanthropic organisations who are interested in supporting this programme, kindly mail me on or call me anytime at 8526421150 or 9042858882 (WhatsApp)

Project Vanavil: Adopt a child for 36 K per annum

Adopting one child for the best insulins and consumables cost Rs 36,000 per annum. This is life changing for the child and their families and we have around 125 children needing this support now. This can be sponsored either as Rs 3000 per month by direct debit or Rs 36 K per annum as an one-off contribution. Regular updates every 3 months will be given by the children or their families. We now have 8 children being adopted by like-minded donors, please get in touch if interested in sponsoring one child for a year.

We wish to thank you all profusely from the bottom of our hearts for the graciousness and generosity even during the most difficult times. Keep safe and stay healthy.

Warmest Regards
Dr Krishnan Swaminathan
On behalf of all trustees, team and children


Dear Well-wisher/ Contributor,

Warm Regards, hope all of you and your families are staying safe during these most difficult times. It has been a huge challenge for all of us here at Idhayangal Trust as well to ensure that not a single poor child is left behind during these times. A lot of poor families are struggling even for basic amenities and the support that all of you are providing at these times is a Godsend. On behalf of all our children, we thank you profusely for your continuous support and contributions.

In this edition of ICT Newsletters, we are happy to share some of the mind-boggling support from great humanitarians. We don’t need to go to temples to see Gods. They are in the form of donors and supporters like all of you. Here are the updates



It was such a privilege to meet Shri RP Krishnamachari (Texbiosciences and Single Teacher Schools). They are already doing immense work in the field of education and health throughout our State. A chance meeting in Chennai turned out to be a Godsend for our deserving children through a huge contribution for the Trust under the most difficult of the times. Some of the beneficiaries from this project are below

Ms Vetriselvi

A 16-year girl, poor background, who was transferred to our hospital in a severe diabetic coma and severe blood borne infection. She was given up in a different hospital and was in near cardiac arrest when she came in. Type 1 diabetes for the last 4 years with a 3-month average of 15 % and glucoses 600 mgs/dl (should be 7% in this age). It was battle to save this child and currently doing extremely well on insulins. She had a trial of insulin pump and over the last one month, all her glucose numbers are within the 180 mgs/dl mark. She has received the insulin pump courtesy of Texbiosciences support. For the first time, she feels what it is to be normal.

Master Saranavana Balaji

A 12-year-old boy, son of a bus driver, very poor socioeconomic background, with glucoses 600 mgs/dl on admission. Family struggling a lot to fund insulins. Very erratic glucoses and high risk of kidney failure in 5 years. He was one another candidate for the insulin pump, doing extremely well on the trial pump for the past 4 weeks, all glucoses now 200 mgs/dl. Saravana Balaji receiving the insulin pump due to the generosity of Texbiosciences contribution

In addition, ten children received the best insulins for the first 3 months, courtesy of this project Each month insulins costs approx. Rs 3000. All the children come from very poor families, with a mean income of Rs 10,000 per month. My dad is in this photo, a senior doctor himself, blessing all the beneficiaries on behalf of all contributors.

Ms Vetriselvi

Thanks is a very small word for all support from Shri Krishnamachari and their team.


One admission with a severe diabetic coma costs a poor family 1.5 lacs and the possibility of death, especially in a poorly equipped hospital. With Type 1 diabetes from a poor background, the sword of a major hospital admission is always there and we believe that a health insurance back up is vital to give a great peace of mind during emergencies. A lot of families are still paying the interest of a hospital admission five years ago! We have to profusely thank Star Health Medical Director and their team to extend this unique programme in India through Idhayangal Charitable Trust, that waives off all pre-existing conditions with a huge discount in the premium that is supported by ICT. Many lives have been saved through this flagship programme.

This year, we have been immensely privileged in getting huge support from a great philanthropist who was so generous in supporting this Insurance programme in a big way that helped us to cover more than 60 children with a 2-lac insurance cover for any diabetic or nondiabetic emergencies. Some of the details of beneficiaries are below to get a flavour.

Baby Raghavarthini

This little fighter was admitted with glucoses > 600 mgs/dl and was actually given up in a state hospital. Dad is a labourer earning Rs 6000 per month, cost of a major ICU admission in a good hospital to save this child’s life was Rs 1.5 lacs. Thankfully, Raghavarthini is covered under this Health Insurance scheme and her life was saved after transfer to our set up. She is now doing extremely well on four times a day insulin. The family comes from Salem, at least now they have a peace of mind that they can get admitted to a good hospital (God forbid not) in case of any emergency without having to worry about the finances.

Selvi Varna

This poor girl from Tirupur had 6 admissions with glucoses > 600 mgs/dl and was on 150 units of insulin per day. Dad is a labourer from Tirupur. They were totally broke and finally came to us. Actually, the main reason for the poor diabetes control was a lack of a 5000-rupee fridge at home, the insulins had lost potency and the doctor did not realise this. Idhayangal supported a fridge and best insulins to her and she is now doing extremely well. She is one of the beneficiaries of this programme. She is so interested in Tamil literature and writes poems in Tamil and recently was awarded Dr Abdul Kalam’s prize in her school for the best Tamil poem.

Baby Kaniga

Just 7 years of age with Type 1 diabetes for the past 3 years, kaniga coming from a poor socioeconomic stratum, has extremely brittle diabetes. One episode of vomiting will lead to a major admission with diabetic coma. Last year alone, she had seven admissions and thankfully her health insurance covered all her admissions as we were able to prevent ICU admissions by bringing her in early than later. Her parents are deeply grateful for all your support and wishes to convey their heartfelt thanks to all the donors.

These are just the snapshots of the 65 stories of every deserving child that been covered by the insurance. The total cover is Rs 1.3 crores for 65 children for a year.

We profusely thank all contributors and philanthropists who have raised funds for this insurance programme that gives absolute peace of mind to all the families.


Immense thanks to the Rotary Club of Metropolis, our mentor Shri V.S. Srinivasan, President Shri Vittel for donating Rs 5 lacs under the most difficult circumstances to help our deserving children. Project Vanavil is the apt name for this great project which has given hope to 32 children from the poor socio-economic category. 2 children have benefitted from Insulin pumps, Srividya from Tirupur who has a worrying combination of seizures and Type 1 diabetes and Kaniga, who has had around 15 admissions with brittle diabetes coma and a deserving candidate for insulin pump therapy. Photos will be updated next issue. We salute Rotary Club of Metropolis for their immense generosity during these times, considering the amount of funding required for their own flagship projects which are life changing for a lot of fire victims in and around Coimbatore.

We also take this opportunity to thank a lot of individual donors who have kept us going. They are all our unsung heroes. We are greatly indebted to every one of you Wishing you all the best of health, wealth and peace and warmest Regards


Dear Contributor/ Well-wisher

Warm Regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust. Hope you are all keeping safe. It has been an extremely tough 2 months on account of COVID-19 for Idhayangal Trust as well with plenty of contributions/ donations on hold or diverted due to this emergency. We wish to thank all of you for your continued support in spite of the difficult circumstances. Here are the following updates

  • Out of sight, always in mind
  • COVID-19 & ICT
  • Star Health Insurance for 100 children, our dream
  • Right to live, a big thank you
  • ICT, CSR Approved now, please connect us

Out of sight but always in mind

There is a saying “Out of sight, out of mind”, however for Idhayangal Trust, we see the reverse “Out of sight, always in mind”. We are deeply grateful and absolutely humbled by our friends in Birmingham, UK led by Shri Muthu, Mrs Easwari and the AORTAN Tamil Association of Birmingham. Though out of sight from India, they have always kept our children in mind. This team had raised approx. Rs 60,000 for Idhayangal Charitable Trust for their Pongal celebrations, we have absolutely no words to thank them for their efforts in spite of their busy schedule. To add to this generosity, Dr Krishnaveni, Dr Sudharshan & Dr Chitra from Solihull & Stoke on Trent, UK had raised Rs 40,000 to Idhayangal through charity fundraising by selling food. The icing on the cake is Master Rithvik’s generosity. Hardly ten years of age, residing in the UK, Rithvik decided not to take any gifts for his 10th birthday, instead requested his friends to donate to Idhayangal. He had raised 320 British pounds (approx. Rs 30,000) from his friends to help our deserving children. I wish I had one billionth of his thoughts at his age. On behalf of all our children, trustees and well-wishers, we wish the AORTAN Team, Drs Krishnaveni, Sudharsan, Chitra, Muthu, Easwari, Rohita and Rithvik all the very best. A big salute to all of you, “Out of sight but always in mind”

A big thanks to AORTAN Team from Birmingham, Patriotism is not defined by where one lives but what one does for the underprivileged back home from anywhere in the world!



We were deeply worried with the lockdown, COVID-19 and our vulnerable children with Type 1 diabetes all through the State. We are extremely pleased to announce that till date, all children have been doing well (praying God that they continue to do so) with no disruption in the supplies of insulins, consumables and support. Children and their families have been extremely smart in coping with the lockdown, we are thankful to our Idhayangal Trust team for working extremely hard to ensure that no single child from the trust was affected because of lack of vital supplies of insulins or consumables. We are talking about children as far as Mayiladuthurai, Trichy, Tiruvannamalai & Tirunelveli to name a few places. With a welloiled team, we have prevented major hospital admissions, liaised with local doctors during emergencies and kept all supplies going in the face of a very tight economic crunch. We hope an easing of current situation will make us breathe easier but it has been a great learning experience for all of us to cope with major difficulties and have come out stronger for our cause.

Star Health Insurance for 100 children, Our dream

Idhayangal Charitable Trust is keen to expand the children under Insurance cover. We have saved around 15 children this year because of this insurance cover. Vanisha, a 13-year-old poor girl with Type 1 diabetes, unfortunately ended up with a major accident and needed major reconstructive surgery for a tibial crush injury. Thanks for our health insurance cover, she made a fantastic recovery operated by the best of the surgeons and back to normal now. This is one of the fifteen success stories for this year. We are extremely grateful for all our contributors for helping cover the insurance for 50 children for the year ending April 2020. We are due for renewal and are keen to extend this programme to 100 children at a cost of Rs 8000/ child premium for a 2-lac cover for a year. This is a steep ask considering the current economic situation. In a nutshell, we need Rs 8 lacs to cover 100 children for a year for a 2-lac premium. Kindly consider helping as much as possible to help us realise our dreams of ensuring that no poor child suffers or dies for want of funds to support the best treatment in the best set up in case of a major emergency.

Right to live, A Big thank you

A chance opportunity linked us up with Shri Kote, Sridhar & Veeresh from an organisation called the “Right to live” based in Bangalore ( Right to live is India first crowd-donation platform with a vision of “Joining hands to change lives”. It was a humbling experience interacting with all the three members of this fund-raising group. The target was set at Rs 2 lacs when all hell broke loose with COVID-19. Though no one would blame us for being sceptical, we pulled ahead with great optimism and now have raised Rs 2 lacs and sixty-eight thousand rupees worldwide in the most difficult circumstances. The great news is that every single rupee collected by Right to live will be transferred to Idhayangal Charitable Trust with no strings attached. Thanks is an extremely small word for people like Kote, Sridhar and Veeresh. This single crowd funding has changed the lives of at least 25 children for the next year

Idhayangal Trust, CSR Approved now, kindly connect

We have now successfully completed 3 years of service with a great track record of helping disadvantaged children with Type 1 diabetes. We are now 12 A, 80 G and CSR approved. Kindly pass this message on to companies with CSR remit so that we can continue supporting and expanding our work. We have a huge number of children to support from Salem, Madurai, Theni, Bathlagundu, Thoothukudi, Nagercoil as well as teaming up with colleagues in Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Punjab to expand our work pan-India. CSR funding is the need of the hour, our promise to ensure that every single rupee counts. We are happy to visit any CSR eligible organisation once this lockdown ends for a presentation. Kindly connect

On behalf of all our trustees, we thank you all for your continuing faith and support. Keep safe during this difficult time. There is every reason for optimism for the future.


Dear Well-wisher/ Contributor,

Warm Regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust. Due to your unrelenting support, we are now supporting close to 200 children from underprivileged backgrounds with Type 1 diabetes. We see a huge reduction in complications and admissions, more importantly we see happier children and families due to the support from all of you through the trust. We are genuinely humbled by the all-round support to take our work forward. In this issue, we have the following updates

1. Health Insurance for our children: PROJECT TRANQUILITY

2. Idhayangal Wings: Our work in Madurai districts




One of our flagship programmes is to ensure peace of mind to families of children with Type 1 diabetes, so that any unexpected hospital admission is covered by insurance. Currently, we are covering 50 children from poor families with a 2-lac cover for any hospital admissions, related or unrelated to diabetes. We have saved around 10 lives this year alone due to this programme and we wish to extend this help to 50 more families this year. The insurance scheme ends in April. We request our well-wishers to consider supporting this great initiative by contributing Rs 8000/ child for an annum. This would help children like Pavithra (photo below with her mom), unfortunately this poor little girl’s dad took his own life within a week of this child’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. The mother has to support this child who has extremely brittle diabetes, one hospital admission can break this family’s already beleaguered finances.

Pavithra, one of our two- and half-year-old sweetheart who has had a tough start to life

Rs 8000 thaanam (donation) gives peace of mind for an annum


Our dream is to be the best pan-India Charity for poor children with Type 1 diabetes. Therefore, we have slowly started to look outwards to extend a helping hand to colleagues and families outside of our own areas. We have linked with Alpha foundation, Madurai led by Dr Kumaravel & Dr Aruna Chelliah and Dr Theivendran from Sakthi Foundation, Bathlagundu. Both the teams are extremely passionate about improving lives of children with Type 1 diabetes from poor families. Both teams have a huge number of children with Type 1 diabetes from poor socioeconomic strata.

We have supported 6 insulin pumps to Alpha foundation, one to Sakthi foundation along with 20 fridges and the best insulins for the Bathlagundu children. It was rewarding to be a part of the get together organised in these areas and helping deserving children. We wish to profusely thank all of you who have made this possible.

Photos from Alpha foundation-Idhayangal initiative for Madurai Children

We are also extending our help to children from Salem Districts by teaming up with like-minded doctors in this area. There is a huge burden pf Type 1 diabetes in Salem, we have already started 3 insulin pumps for deserving children as well as supporting 40 fridges for insulin storage in this district. More details will follow.


A lot of our admissions with diabetic coma are due to the fact that there was no fridge at home to store insulins properly! This makes insulin lose its potency and even though children take their insulins regularly, it does not work as it has lost all its potency. It is painful to know that Glucoses of > 600 mgs/dl with severe acidosis, coma and near death is due to want of 6000-rupee fridge at home. Therefore, idhayangal has started this programme of “PROJECT COOL INSULIN” to ensure that all homes of children with type 1 diabetes should have a fridge. To this end, we have supplied more than 100 fridges that has been life changing for our children. Insulin requirements have come down drastically from hundreds of units and hospital admissions have reduced dramatically as well. We are also in close touch with R&D groups to see whether we can make a small portable fridge that is cost effective and can be placed easily in rural homes.

Below is the photo of Sakthi, 17 years old, his diabetes control was extremely poor with a three-month average of 15 % (A1c should be less than 7), meaning his glucoses for last 3 months was around 500 mgs/dl. He is a poor labourer earning Rs 3000/ month. This is a one-way ticket to dialysis and kidney failure in the next 3 years, all because there was no fridge at home and he was storing insulins in a tumbler of water! Since we supplied the fridge and gave him the best insulins, his glucoses are all below 200 mgs/dl and he is leading a happier healthier life. We are in need of great support from all of you for this “PROJECT COOL INSULIN” programme.


A small fridge is life changing for patients like Sakthi, thanks to all donors to make this possible


Kindly block your dates on 26th April 2020 Sunday for our Annual day. It is a day for the donors rather than beneficiaries. It is a day for us to thank all of you along with our children and their families for all your support last year. Details of programme will follow shortly, we aim to get some social responsibility in our children’s minds by planting trees that grow with them followed by a 2-hour programme at Sitra auditorium opposite airport signal, Coimbatore


On behalf of Idhayangal Charitable Trust
Dr Krishnan Swaminathan
Ph: 8526421150 or 9042858882

October/ November 2019 Idhayangal Charitable Trust newsletter

Dear Contributor/ Wellwisher,

Warm regards from the desk of Idhayangal Charitable Trust. We wish all of you and your family a great Diwali. We have made immense progress over the last 2 months. Our children’s diabetes control has improved remarkably due to our team’s efforts and your support. Data shows that the 3-month average of most children supported by the trust has come down from around 14-15 % to around 7 %. This would translate into a huge reduction in kidney failures and blindness and allow them to lead a normal healthy life. In this newsletter, we have the following

1. Our Diwali celebrations

2. Breaking socio-economic barriers in Diabetes Technologies

3. The humbling story of Papammal and her pension

Our Diwali celebrations (2019)

It was a heart-warming Diwali celebration with our Trust’s children on 20th October. Idhayangal Team was peaceful to have in our midst families of patients who had unfortunately lost their lives last year. Manikandan’s dad and his sister along with Satyapraksh’s family joined our Diwali get together. It was a time to recollect memories, however painful it was, we were determined not to forget such families and ensure that they were a part of our Idhayangal’s family. Each child had a beautiful dress and came to stage to speak confidently of their future plans. This was followed by songs, dances and firecrackers. Many thanks for all our Idhayangal contributors who have made it possible for these families to gain the confidence and do well in their lives. Photos below.


2. Breaking Socioeconomic barriers in Diabetes Technologies

Idhayangal Charitable Trust is proud to attach, along with this mail, our recent paper which was accepted in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. We have broken a glass ceiling by penetrating insulin pump technologies to the poorest of the poor. This pilot study on 16 children shows that underprivileged rural children can handle insulin pump technology that leads to excellent glucose control, reduction in hospitalisations, improved quality of life and hopefully reductions in kidney failures and blindness. Since this paper, we now have 52 underprivileged children on insulin pump therapy. Each pump costs around 1.5 lacs with consumables of around Rs 8000 per annum. This device is life changing for children on 4 times a day insulin. We wish to thank all our contributors and well wishers who made such things possible. We are confident that Idhayangal Charitable Trust has the maximum number of underprivileged unaffordable rural children on such lifesaving technology in the world. Many more children are on the waiting list, we sincerely request our contributors to help us with this programme (DONATE AN INSULIN PUMP, CHANGE A CHILD’S LIFE FOREVER). We are positive that this programme will change the landscape of underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes children in our State. We are also actively lobbying the Government to adopt this scheme.

3. Humbling story of Papammal and her pension

Papammal, a 70 yeal old lady, is a long standing patient of mine, she comes along with her husband all the time. She had not been to school; her whole world revolves around her husband and house. It’s been sometime since I had seen her. She suddenly popped into my OP Clinic recently. After general niceties, she started to have tears rolling down her eyes, her husband had died last year and that’s the reason for her non-attendance. “Doctor, I don’t know what to do, my whole life was my husband, now I am at a complete loss, I just wanted to see you and cry, so that I can feel a bit better”. As we were speaking, her eyes fixed on the photograph hanging on my room with our Idhayangal children. She enquired about it, took some Idhayangal leaflets from my desk and left. In the evening I had a phone call from her saying that she had transferred Rs 25,000 from her husband’s pension amount for the children. For a lady who had not left her house, she had gone to the bank all by herself, pestered the bank staff to help her with the bank transfer and was calling anxiously from the bank to ensure that the money was transferred. What a humbling effort by this gem of a lady. Idhayangal Charitable Trust is in great hands and hearts with people like Papammal.

We wish to thank the office bearers and members of Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central, Kovaipudur and Rotary Club Galaxy for their support in recent times.

Wishing you all a happy Diwali, may God bless all of you with health, wealth and peace Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan, On behalf of all our children and Team


Dear Contributor/ Well-wisher,

It gives immense pleasure in sending us this update from our desk. It has been a fruitful 2 months for Idhayangal. Our Project Kathir has made a great start with 12 children from the underprivileged category able to get not only the insulin pumps but also consumables for three years, which gives them enough time to settle down. In addition, 25 children are supported with the best insulins through this programme. Thanks is a small word for Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central, KMCH and all our contributors for making this happen.

In this newsletter, we are sharing details of the advanced insulin pump refresher course for the kids, the story of Arjun’s kiss, our insurance cover now reaching 50 children with type 1 diabetes and many more. Once again, thanks for your continued support to our causes.


Idhayangal Charitable Trust organised a day’s course for 40 underprivileged children on insulin pumps on 7th July 2019. Many of these children had major admissions with diabetic coma pre-insulin pumps with poor insight into their diabetes. It was a complete joy to watch these children doing extremely well on insulin pumps. Most of their glucose levels were well under control between 100-200 mgs/dl (was 500-600 mgs/dl) pre-pump, were doing really well with their studies and more importantly wereconfident of their future and life due to all your support and contributions. It was a pleasure to see Ramya Bharathi, who came to our emergency with impending cardiac arrest just a few months ago back to her normal cheerful self. Children as far as Tirunelveli, Mayiladuthurai came for this course and learnt a lot from each other experiences. Below is the photo of children with our team, as the course finished. Idhayangal thanks all the contributors for enabling us to change the lives of these deserving children.

God bless this child with type 1 diabetes who had come from the jaws of death courtesy of God and health insurance cover. She is receiving the bravery award from Dr. Nalla G Palaniswami for her immense mental strength in the face of severe adversity in ICU

The Story of Arjun’s kiss

Arjun was one of the reasons for starting Idhayangal. This is a poor boy who was given up in Madurai and advised to take him home after a severe diabetic coma due to type 1 diabetes. He was finally saved after a battle on exactly his birthday, which we celebrated in ICU about 6 years ago. Arjun had a severe intercurrent illness last week and his mother brought him to Coimbatore from Madurai just having absolute faith in our team. He had a brief admission in our hospital and improved dramatically. He is one of the children whom we are supporting with studies, insulin and health insurance cover. On the day of discharge, the mother and son were standing uncomfortably in my OP requesting a “small favour”. All Arjun wanted to do was to give me a hug and kiss for all the help Idhayangal is doing for him and his family. Tears were streaming down my eyes in a busy OPD and none had a clue as to why? It was a emotional moment to have this little boy hug me and plant a kiss on my cheeks, which no amount of money can equate. With another 30 patients waiting, all the tiredness disappeared and this little boy made my day. This simple gesture has motivated all our team to do better for these children for years to come.

Health Insurance Cover: Reaching the 50 mark

We are immensely thankful to all our Contributors, well wishers and Star health team for getting us to reach the 50 mark for a Rs 2 lac cover for underprivileged children with type 1 diabetes (1 crore worth of cover for this annum). This has given a great peace of mind to all our families and has been life saving for the past one and half years since we started this scheme. We have another 50 children to enrol but doing this on a case by case basis, based on priorities. Our dream is to cover every single child for an unexpected admission, which can break families.

Future plans

We still have around 20 children on the waitlist for insulin pumps, 120 children are getting supported as of now and the numbers are increasing every month. Kindly pass on the message

Adopt one child for Rs 10,000/ annum for your family’s occasions like birthdays, anniversaries Support one pump for 1 child at a cost of Rs 1.5 lacs

We are extremely humbled by all your support and contributions; we will keep in touch in a couple of months

Warm Regards

Dr Krishnan Swaminathan on behalf of Idhayangal Team

Dear Contributor/ Well wisher

Warm Regards from Idhayangal Charitable Trust.

Firstly, many thanks for your thoughts and considerations to give a helping hand to our deserving children with Type 1 diabetes. We are deeply humbled as there are many deserving causes in India and still you thought of us. With your help, we currently support 50 poor children with Type 1 diabetes in absolute need of help

We wish to give news and updates every 2 months, hope this gives you a flavour of how your contributions make a difference to poor children with Type 1 diabetes.


Diwali with our childrent (2018)


Idhayangal Trustees decided to have a small get together on the eve of Diwali at their residence. We had around 6 families along with the children benefited by the Trust come together to have a day of fun. We had a day of singing, dancing and yoga at our community hall followed by flower pots and fun. All children had new Diwali dresses along with goodies, Parameswaran, one of our children was presented with his dream of having a cycle to get to school as the bus facilities were not adequate. Overall it was a great day where everyone forgot their worries and celebrated a great Diwali with the trustees and their familes.


A heart warming story

Vasantha, a 10 year old bright girl was admitted with severe diabetes and ear infection with a very high chance of death. With Idhayangal’s support, she braved an ICU admission, two operations on the right ear, 6 weeks of very powerful, costly but life saving antibiotics and insulin to meet us on the last day of her antibiotic therapy and discharge. She dreams to be a scientist like our Great Abdul Kalam! We have promised all support to this child and their family to achieve her dreams. Our support would not have been possible without your support. The family requested me to convey their immense gratitude for all Idhayangal contributors and requested all your blessings for this bright young child.


The Sad Story of SathyaPrakash

IdhayangalCharitable Trust deeply mourns the death of Sathyaprakash, who is only 27 years old, he leaves behind his young wife and a 4 year old daughter. Sathyaprakash has had Type 1 diabetes for the past 10 years. Due to poor insight, lack of finance and lack of access to good doctors, he unfortunately developed kidney failure due to poorly controlled Type 1 diabetes. We have been supporting Sathyaprakash for the past one year with insulins, renal transplant work up and psychological support. He had a kidney transplant done 6 months ago but unfortunately got rejected. He has had a downhill course since then. In spite of all our support as well as the transplant doctors and the hospital, Sathyaprakash passed away 2 weeks ago, mainly because the family could not afford the care. I was the last one to see him in his death bed. With a deep pain in my heart and tears in my eyes, I asked Sathyaprakash whether he wanted to tell me anything. All he could muster was a faint smile, he thanked all the donors of Idhayangal Charitable Trust for the generous support over the last year, he said he had enough of pain over the last 4 years and wanted to die peacefully at home. His final 2 requests were to see whether we could help his daughter get a good education and support his wife and the last wish was for me and Idhayangal Trust to work harder so that no one with Type 1 diabetes gets his fate for want of better access to healthcare and insulins. He simply closed his eyes after these requests. A wave of sheer impotence spread through my heart in that in this day and age, we are still allowing a young chap with type 1 diabetes die with his full life before him, a great family and a beautiful daughter. We deeply mourn the death of Sathyaprakash, heartfelt condolences to his family.

Dear Contributor/ Well wisher.

Words are not enough to tell how grateful we all are for your contributions, we see every day what a change we make in these kids’ lives and how much more work we need to do to ensure that there are no more Sathyaprakashes in future. Kindly spread the message of our work to family, friends, philanthropists, corporates and like-minded people, we need all the help. Also any help towards Sathyaprakash family in terms of the daughter’s education or gainful employment for his wife is greatly appreciated.

May God bless you, our family and friends with health, wealth and peace.

As always, we sincerely believe in our motto:

“A small act of kindness is much more powerful than a thousand heads in prayer”


The story of Parameeswaran

Parameeswaran is a bright 8 year old boy with Type 1 diabetes. He was recently referred with glucose of 750 mgs/ dl, completely dehydrated and in impending diabetic coma. His dad is in a mental asylum and his mother and grandmother are coolie labourers earning Rs 150 each per day. He has had Type 1 diabetes for 3 years, they have been running from pillar to post in search of some magic cure. Finally they had exhausted all options but by God’s grace, heard about Idhayangal Charitable Trust and came to us. We admitted Parameswaran under our care, got him better and now he is on the best insulins at his door step. We have also provided him with a fridge to ensure that storage is properly followed. He is back to school. Idhayangal Charitable Trust, through your support, has made a great change in his life by supporting his admissions in a good hospital, getting him the best insulins and a fridge and supporting his school education.These are the words from his tearful grandmother, “Ayya, we have never known where God is but we now see Gods in every one of you who have supported us in a time of need”. Idhayangal Charitable Trust supports his school education. We dream of a day when Parameeswaran makes it big and gives back to society what he is getting now. Parameeswarn and his family, our donors during the fridge presentation.


Godliness in Hosur

We go in search of Gods to various temples around the world, for us it was a humbling and inspiring experience to see God & Godliness at Hosur. It all started with call from our friend and well wisher Dr CS Mani and his wife Dr Kamini that his father-in-law Shri Ramamoorthy, a 95 year old pensioner at Hosur was keen to contribute towards Idhayangal’s causes. We made a day trip to Hosur to meet Shri Ramamoorthy, more to get his blessings and what a day it was! Shri Ramamoorthy hails from a small village near Kumbakonam and due to his sheer hard work he had made it to the top in Electronics. After the initial introduction, he enthusiastically enquired about our work, watched Idhayangal’s videos and without a bit of hesitation wrote a cheque for Rs 2 lacs. Tears were rolling down our eyes to see an elderly pensioner innocently parting with 2 lacs of his hard earned money that he could have given to his extended family. All his request was to ensure that this contribution helps poor children with type 1 diabetes irrespective of caste, creed or religion ! What more Godliness can one see or why do we even go to temples to see God? Adding further, he had a small tear in his eye when he said that he watched his father die in the pre-1950s without medical help and poor finances and his dream is to ensure that no one, especially children suffer this fate. It was as though God wanted to teach us a lesson by driving to Hosur to keep telling us to do better by seeing gems like Shri Ramamoorthy & his wife. After a great coffee by Dr Kamini, we prostrated before Shri & Tmt Ramamoorthy and took leave of this unbelievable couple. We sincerely wish God gives great health, wealth and peace to this lovely couple. We hope we can celebrate his 100th birthday with Idhayangal’s children. Below is the photograph of these great people.


BMJ South Asia awards 2018

Warm Regards from Idhayangal Charitable Trust

Advance Diwali wishes to all you and family.

As of now, we are supporting 60 patients, predominantly children with Type 1 diabetes, all because of your goodwill.

We are delighted to share with you that we have been shortlisted for the BMJ South Asia awards 2018 as one of the best non-communicable disease initiatives of the year, we are hopeful to get to the final round from around 2000 applicants through out 7countries in South Asia, we have made it to round 2 of 36 entries from around 2000 ! Will update if we are lucky to go to the final round in Chennai on 1st December.

On behalf of all our children from the Trust, we extend our happy diwali wishes.

Warm Regards

Swami on behalf of all trustees

"A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousand heads in prayer"


Our Support

Our promise to Sathyaprakash (Type 1 diabetes patient, 27 year old, who passed away recently with advanced renal failure leaving with him a young wife and a 4 year old daughter) on his last day of his life was that we would not let down his child and family. To this, see attached photo of our support for this child's school fees for this quarter, all trustees are determined to support his daughter's schooling and college and a stable income for his wife.

Kindly consider supporting this family through Idhayangal on the eve of Diwali, no contribution is small.

We are working hard to extend our support to plenty of children on the waitlist, we are connecting with colleagues and like-mined people throughout India, many thanks for your absolute trust in us. God bless you and your family with excellent, health, wealth and peace.

On behalf of all our children from the Trust, we extend our happy diwali wishes.

Warm Regards

Swami on behalf of all trustees

"A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousand heads in prayer"




Successful First Anniversary Celebrations

We successfully completed our first year of birth in India. Our annual day celebrations were held at Sitra auditorium, Coimbatore. The 500 seater was filled to capacity with our children, their families, donors and well-wishers. We remember April 2017 where we started with zero money and a lot of goodwill, over the one year period