Yogalaksmi from Tiruvannamalai, very brittle diabetes now doing extremely well on insulin pump, rank poverty outside but absolute richness in heart, presenting this surprise gift for my birthday at our home, great things that mere money can't buy, Yoga is Idhayangal star of the month, Swami

Heroine of the month

Devisaipriya, an absolute sweet heart, all of 2 years old, recovered from major diabetic coma recently, demonstrating how to use insulin pen, God bless her for her grit and determination in adversity, Isaipriya is Idhayangal heroine of the month

Project Sakthi

Idhayangal mothers of children with type 1 diabetes happily attending advanced tailoring course as a part of Project Sakthi to empower women of our children to sustain livelihood and medical expenses, each mother has been supported with sewing machine at their home, our Idhayangal mothers are stars of the month, Swami

Kiruthiga Happily

Kiruthiga happily going home yesterday with her baby, battled brittle type 1 diabetes for 14 years, huge thanks to all Idhayangal donors and well-wishers by supporting Kiruthiga with insulin pump therapy, consumables and blessings, family and Idhayangal convey their heartfelt thanks, great to go home with a bundle of joy, Swami