Our Support

Our promise to Sathyaprakash (Type 1 diabetes patient, 27 year old,who passed away recently with advanced renal failure leaving with him a young wife and a 4 year old daughter) on his last day of his life was that we would not let down his child and family. To this, see attached photo of our support for this child's school fees for this quarter, all trustees are determined to support his daughter's schooling and college and a stable income for his wife.

Kindly consider supporting this family thru Idhayangal on the eve of Diwali, no contribution is small.

We are working hard to extend our support to plenty of children on the waitlist, we are connecting with colleagues and like-mined people throughout India, many thanks for your absolute trust in us. God bless you and your family with excellent, health, wealth and peace.

On behalf of all our children from the Trust, we extend our happy diwali wishes.

Warm Regards

Swami on behalf of all trustees

"A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousand heads in prayer"