The Story of Parameeswaran

Parameeswaran is a bright 8 year old boy with Type 1 diabetes. He was recently referred with glucose of 750 mgs/ dl, completely dehydrated and in impending diabetic coma. His dad is in a mental asylum and his mother and grandmother are coolie labourers earning Rs 150 each per day. He has had Type 1 diabetes for 3 years, they have been running from pillar to post in search of some magic cure. Finally they had exhausted all options but by God’s grace, heard about Idhayangal Charitable Trust and came to us. We admitted Parameswaran under our care, got him better and now he is on the best insulins at his door step. We have also provided him with a fridge to ensure that storage is properly followed. He is back to school. Idhayangal Charitable Trust, through your support, has made a great change in his life by supporting his admissions in a good hospital, getting him the best insulins and a fridge and supporting his school education.These are the words from his tearful grandmother, “Ayya, we have never known where God is but we now see Gods in every one of you who have supported us in a time of need”. Idhayangal Charitable Trust supports his school education. We dream of a day when Parameeswaran makes it big and gives back to society what he is getting now. Parameeswarn and his family, our donors during the fridge presentation