What Idhayangal Trust Do

What does Idhayangal Charitable Trust do to help poor children with Type 1 diabetes?

  • Provide moral support to children and families at a time of need
  • Best insulins irrespective of cost, at the doorstep, every month
  • Best pen devices, irrespective of cost, along with the insulins
  • Cover consumables like needles and glucose strips
  • Efforts to provide insulin pumps and consumables free of cost
  • Funding school and college education
  • Provide insurance cover to poor children for 1 lac / annum in the event of an unexpected hospital admission
  • Regular texts on mobile on healthy living
  • Run the ATTITUDE club, a positive club for children with type 1 diabetes
  • Annual meeting of Idhayangal Charitable Trust
  • 24/7 phone line for any emergency advice
  • Efforts to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes in association with likeminded partners

How can I help such children through Idhayangal Charitable Trust?

  • No contribution is small, even the thought of helping us is precious
  • Part funding for one child per annum Rs 10,000
  • Full funding for 1 child per annum Rs 25,000
  • Link us with philanthropic individuals and organisations who can help us
  • Invite trustee for talks on both diabetes awareness and Idhayangal Charitable Trust activities in any major local,
    regional, national and international meetings

As our great Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi says

  • If you have a lot of money, give our children gold
  • If you have some money, give our children coins
  • If you are not keen at this point, give our children your blessings

• நிதி மிகுந்தவர் பொற்குவை தாரீர்

• நிதி அற்றவர் காசுகள் தாரீர்

• அதுவும் அற்றவர் வாய்ச்சொல் அருளீர்