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Idhayangal charitable trust

Idhayangal charitable trust was initially founded by a group of Indian doctors working in the UK in 2004. The aim of this organization was to give a helping hand to poor people, especially children in need of medical aid, in India. The four founding trustees were Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan, Dr.Suresh Mathavakannan, Dr.Sabapathy Prakash and Dr. Nambi, all of whom were working as Consultants in the UK.

The trust was started with Rupees 800 and by 2011, Idhayangal had done projects worth Rs 80 lacs in India. Since the managing trustee, Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan had moved to India, Idhayangal UK was dissolved in 2011. Seven years worth of projects has inspired the Idhayangal team to continue our work in India. We take great pride in ensuring that every single rupee goes to our projects.

Dr.Sujeetha Damodaran and Mrs.Jayashri Murali and Prof A. Muruganathan have joined our team here to give a fresh impetus to our goals. Idhayangal (India) is a registered Indian Charity.


Madhushri from Conoor, battling brittle type 1 diabetes for 3 years, very poor family, dad is a labourer in
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Dhanapriya from Cuddalore district, only daughter, dad labourer, fighting brittle type 1 diabetes for years, showing huge grit and determination,
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Joys of Idhayangal, the absolute faith and affection that children have towards the
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Swetha and Priya

Two tiny tots having a great time at our Idhayangal Trust centre,discussing important issues!
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News Letter

What is Type 1 diabetes?

This type of diabetes affects predominantly young children between 1 to 15 years of age. If unrecognised, these children present with diabetic coma & die without proper treatment. The great news is that early identification and prompt treatment with insulin saves lives These children can lead normal healthy lives but need to be on lifelong insulin. usually four times a day of injections, costing Rs 3500-Rs 4000/ month which by itself is a huge strain for poor families,

What Idhayangal trust do

Best insulins irrespective of cost at the doorstep, every month Cover consumables like needles & glucose strips Efforts to provide insulin pumps & consumables free of cost Provide insurance cover to poor children for 1 lac/annum for an unexpected hospital admission 24/7 phone line for any emergency advice

"A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousands heads bowed in prayer"


Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan

is currently a Consultant Endocrinologist at KMCH Hospital, Coimbatore. He completed his undergraduate medical education from Madras Medical College (1989-95).

Dr Sujeetha Damodaran

works as a Director, Allied Health Sciences, KMCH, Coimbatore. She completed her undergraduate medical education from Coimbatore Medical College and

Jayashri Murali

Jayshri Murali is a Senior Advocate based at Bengaluru with roots at Coimbatore. She is passionate about Type 1 diabetes, especially among rural underprivileged children across India.

Prof A Muruganathan

Prof Muruganathan based at Tiruppur has huge academic credentials across India. As Past President of IMA Tamilnadu State branch and Associations of Physicians of India (API)

Awards and Recognitions


This award was presented on the occasion of "VICTORY OVER DIABETES AWARD" ceremony on 17th July 2021 by Dr Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre, Chennai. We are immensely grateful to DMDSC Team for acknowledging the work Idhayangal Charitable Trust is doing for underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes across the nation.


Idhayangal is deeply grateful to the Innovations by NGO's Team to acknowledge the work our team is doing for poor children with Type 1 diabetes in Government Hospitals. This award was for the presentation by Dr Krishnan Swaminathan, Managing Trustee, on PROJECT KOVAI THULIR that has transformed lives of underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes at Coimbatore Government Hospital.